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Want to get paid to write about DFS or fantasy sports? You’ve come to the best place for fantasy sports! What started out as a small sports blog on in 2012, has grown to an amazing website! Our articles regularly hit the front page of Google each day, which means what? More views and more MONEY. Here at DailyRotoHelp we have numerous opportunities to help make you some money on the side while writing for a sport that you are passionate about. We pay you by performance. In other words, the more views you get on your articles, the more money goes into your pocket. Let’s check out what we are looking for! Also: All of our writers get our OPTIMAL DFS LINEUPS for FREE for the duration of their writing.

In search of DFS writers for the follow sports:
1.) MLB
3.) NBA
4.) NFL
5.) NHL
6.) PGA

We arrange the writers into 3 categories, the higher the category, the higher the pay. Check out the breakdown below:


Rookie Writer ($1 per 1,000 pageviews)

Rookie writers will be assigned a site and topic that they feel comfortable with.
Proficient writing ability, relatively free of errors
Ability to analyze stats and produce articles with numerous statistical references
Produce at least one article per month while their sport is in season
Average Rookie writers make between $5 – $20 per month depending on traffic and popularity of their articles.

Seasoned Veteran Writer ($2 per 1,000 pageviews)
Season Vets are more heavily involved on site. They can be seen interacting with the community on Twitter, and produce regular articles that generate more pageviews. Requirements are the same as Rookie writers, plus:
Regular interaction on Twitter.
Minimum of one article per week while sport is in season (but daily articles are expected)
Proven knowledge of their sport as a Seasoned Veteran writer

All-Star Writer ($3 per 1,000 pageviews)
All-Star writers are the perennial writers. They bring in the most pageviews, interact daily within the community, and publish daily articles on our site. They are active on Twitter daily, joining the host on the Sunday LIVE DFS podcast, and open to answering any and all questions the consumer may have. We don’t just let anyone be an All-Star, so to be considered, you must be very consistent with your writing and page views!

What are you waiting for?
Step 1: Send an email to Subject: Rookie Writing Position

Step 2: Send us an email of one of your writing examples. Make sure to check the grammar and spelling and have no mistakes. If you don’t have any previous experience, write up a 250-300 word article about something with DFS. Make sure to punctuate and bold any names or subjects so the article is easy to read.
Step 3: Include which sport and site you would like to write for (Fanduel, DraftKings, Yahoo). We need to know your DFS preference!

Regardless if you are chosen or not, we will get back to you to let you know either way. Who likes being left in the dark? Not us! If you aren’t chosen, we’ll give you tips on what to improve and you can then apply again!

If chosen, you’ll be notified and emailed a contract stating the negotiations between the entity (DailyRotoHelp) and yourself. You can then sign the document and send it back to us.

There are 2 reasons writers are denied:
1) Poor grammar / Spelling
2) Not much use of STATS. Our readers like to see numbers, stats, examples, to show them our experts know what they are talking about. Backup your articles with outside sources if you have stats so you aren’t plagiarizing.

Note: In the event that your writer account is terminated with DailyRotoHelp, all articles published on site are the property of DRH even though the account will be terminated.

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