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Season long Fantasy Football – Deep Sleepers



Now that most drafts are done and we all are cheering our amazing draft grades its time for football to start. Waiver wire, FAB money, who you drop and pick up can make your team and season. Here are a few guys that I think are key people to look at to pick up or keep an eye on if they struggle and other owners are in the rush to pick up the week 1 heroes.



Kirk Cousins – Last half of the season was a top fantasy Quarterback and even better numbers during the fantasy playoffs already makes him relevant for a QB being ranked 13th in drafts. Now improved Oline, WR, and RB’s who are more dangerous for a passing game rather than between the tackles. Also, he is in a contract year…..

Running back

Chris Ivory/TJ Yeldon – This is where I would love to tell you I know more than the coaches but if they don’t know how would I know? However I will say this, look for value between the two because the numbers maybe pretty close. Some leagues one is drafted and not the other, vice versa in others. If you can get 1 cheap or both do it because the offense is going to be potent

Spencer Ware – For a possible starting running back to be still on waivers, GET HIM! Charles is hurt, West is hurt, Ware is starting. DeAngelo Williams is going early just for the starting the first 3 weeks and being the backup of just injured starter…..So why is Ware going so much later? Go get Ware

Wide Receivers

Torrey Smith – As the number 2 receiver he had 600+ yards, now that Boldin is gone (with his 110 targets) they are up for grabs and Smith is going to benefit from that and an offensive genius as his head coach

Travis Benjamin – We saw what he could do last year on a team that was trailing a lot so now will be on a better passing team with just as much trailing. If you are scared that Keenan Allen will take it all, he has only put together 1 full good season but has missed time every season

Deep Sleepers


Jay Cutler – Lost Bennett but Zach Miller had great numbers in limited time. Jeffrey is back. Kevin White will return. Bears only shot is to score…A LOT

Running back

Deandre Washington – I have been a big fan of Latavius Murray but it could be more of a fan of the Raiders offense. Washington has been running well in the preseason, is the solidified number 2, and has been pushing Murray and will get carries

Wide Receivers

Devin Funchess – Red zone threat with Benjamin on the other side. Touch down machine

Markus Wheaton – The number 2 receiver, in 3 receiver sets will be his natural position in the slot. Had big games at the end of the year and Bryant is gone

Tight Ends

Dwayne Allen – Finally a tight end on the Colts who doesn’t have to split time. Fleener is a top 10 tight end but Allen is ranked around 20

Jesse James – Lots of passing in Pittsburgh and Big Ben loves his tights ends. Green was projected a number 1 tight end but he’s hurt


Coaching and weekly strategy is a big thing for winning matchups each week. Remember that just because you drafted a player in the early rounds doesn’t mean his value is any higher than a free agent pickup but if you like a player wait a couple weeks before you want to get rid of a player. Bench players and high ceiling players were taken for a reason, don’t get rid of them just because the first week doesn’t go the way you want.

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