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MMA DFS UFC 260: Miocic vs N’Gannou 2



MMA DFS UFC 260: Miocic vs N’Gannou 2 for Fanduel and DraftKings | Saturday, March 27th

MMA DFS UFC 260: Miocic vs N’Gannou 2 contains a 10 fight card for this weekend. In this article, we’ll break down every fight as well as Ownership predictions, Core Plays, and Sportsbetting opinions as well.

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Vegas Odds:

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Last Week’s Results:

MMA DFS UFC 260: Miocic vs N’Gannou 2



DFS-wise, Not sure how much exposure I’ll have to this fight. Everything in me says go Azaitar, and will only have exposure to MAB in GPPs this weekend. It honestly feels like it could be anybody’s fight and don’t enjoy this fight outside of GPPs.



Omar Morales is way too high-priced for me on both FD and DK for someone who is 35 years old and hasn’t fought since last October. I’m going with Young here. GPP yes, but not in cash. To be completely honest, I don’t play any cash games with UFC. If you’re betting this, you can currently get Young as a slight underdog and + odds.


Honestly, I can see your argument for both of these fighters for DFS. Not a HUGE discrepancy in pricing but I would lean more with Bukauskas for GPP and Oleksiejczuk for cash if you play both. Bukauskas is 11-3 and coming off a loss back in October while Oleksiejczuk is coming off 2 straight losses and he just fought about a month ago. 





I’m a big supporter of taking this fight on both FD and DK this weekend. Again, I’m more of a GPP player but love both of these guys. If I’m going to make multiple lineups, definitely looking at Gooden to save a TON of money on both sites this weekend to be able to pay up for bigger fighters. Gooden is ranked #96 WelterW in the world while Nurmagomedov is ranked 99 and we could take the younger one in Gooden. I love Gooden on betting sites as well for the +money.



Don’t overthink this one. Menifield is the FREE play if I’ve ever seen one. Cherant took this fight this week might be over his head here. Want to get crazy and play Cherant in a GPP? He’s super cheap but if you’re a DFS player who only plays 1 lineups, I wouldn’t look at Cherant at all.

Main Card:


This fight might be the closest one on the card. Betting or DFS the prices are very similar and the money for betting is very close as well. I could see this fight going either way. I’m leaning more towards Mullarkey if he can take this fight to the mat and he can score a ton of points grappling. Both fighters are coming off a winning record their last 5 fights as you can see above. I’ll take the salary savings and the younger fighter in this one.


Honestly, I don’t like this fight much. Robertson will be less owned and is cheaper on DK by $1,400. If DFS players are just looking on FD at prior scoring, we see Maverick has 129 FPPG and Robertson has only 56.06 FPPG in her most recent bout. With playing GPPs, as you can see below, I have her about 32% owned and we could take advantage of that. Again, if making only 1 or 2 lineups I would probably steer clear of her.




I absolutely LOVE O’Malley here. Obviously he’s super priced up and has HUGE winning odds. If you look at betting odds, O’Malley is only at +115 for a KO and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what happens. I’ll have ZERO shares of Almeida this weekend. 

I’ll have exposure to both of these fighters for GPPs only because the KO possibility is strong in both of them. I have a feeling that Woodley will get knocked out yet again, but he always has the possibility to knock his opponents out. Luque is my preferred play on the weekend but will have some shares of Woodley. It’s hard for me to want to take Woodley when there are 5 rounds because the dude loves to get tired out, but with 3 rounds here, we could see him take some shots and give them right back. 




Any time you have the main event, you need to have exposure to both fighters for a bit. You’re looking at potentially 5 rounds (unless a KO) and that means POINTS. Making multiple lineups, I don’t mind having both of the fighters in 1 lineup in the hopes it doesn’t go to a KO and you get the full 5 rounds. On FD, you can expect high ownership for the main event fighters to be in the MVP slot so I normally like to steer away from that just to get the + odds on the lower ownership fighters. 



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Predicted Ownership:


Sean O’Malley  52%

Vicente Luque  41%

Abubakar Nurmagomedov  45%

Miranda Maverick  14%

Omar Morales  11%

Khama Worthy  20%

Michel Oleksiejczuk  27%

Francis Ngannou  57%

Marc-Andre Barriault  16%

Alonzo Menifield  69%

Abu Azaitar  25%

Stipe Moicic  40%

Modestas Bukauskas  19%

Jamie Mullarkey  28%

Shane Young  25%

Gillian Robertson  32%

Jared Gooden  23%

Tyron Woodley  22%

Thomas Almeida  19%

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