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Mike Trout Signs The Biggest Contract In Sports History and Bryce Harper Is Pissed



I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Mike Trout just signed an extension for 12 years and $430 million dollars which is an absurd amount of money! If anyone deserves that contract, it is Mr. Trout.

If you’re living under a rock maybe you haven’t heard but Bryce Harper had the biggest baseball contract until the Angels and Mike Trout shattered that. If you recall, a couple of weeks ago Harper told the press that he would love for Trout to come to Philly in 2 years and got some heat for it. Well, the media asked Harper about his thoughts and you could just tell how full of crap he was and he was so angry that he wasn’t the highest paid player. Check out the clip below:



Every couch detective knows that if you repeat the same line twice, you’re lying. Well Mr Harper, lie detector has determined that was a lie.

So my question to you guys is: How pissed is Harper?


Is he “Shake the Brush” angry?


Or is he David Ortiz Pissed?



Should he be pissed? Absolutely not, he is nowhere near Mike Trout level. Let’s just take a look at the stats per Fangraphs.



These numbers are absolutely ridiculous as Trout has a higher WAR than both Harper and Machado combined. But Harper has one of the worst egos/attitudes in the game so it’s not unexpected he would be seething in his interview.


So what do you guys think? Make sure to comment your response and share this article!


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