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Its the most wonderful time of the year!



Christmas in August! Fantasy Football season is upon us!

First let me introduce myself, I’m Brian Keck and I’ve been playing fantasy football for 16 years. I was first introduced to this wonderful sport in the back room of a sports bar in my hometown with piles of papers spread out on a pool table and have been hooked ever since. From getting on dial tone internet to look up stats of games and reading the paper on Monday mornings trying to find out the stats of games to instant updates on my phone. From the first 2 rounds in a draft going on nothing but running backs to the introduction of Gronk, the game has evolved. But enough about myself and the glory days lets explain how I can help you.

What my contribution to this site is going to be

  1. Position Rankings
  2. Hot or Cold
  3. By the Numbers

What does that mean? Let me tell you

Positional Rankings: Pretty simple. Standard rankings of players by position with matchup and weather conditions. Posted on Tuesday.

Hot or Cold: This is where I will pick 3 players for each Hot or Cold category and by position which I will analyze and give you reasons for why they will have a down week or have the possibility of going off. Sleepers may get slipped into here. Posted on Wednesday.

By the Numbers: This is where I will go into more details of trends I see of players. I am a numbers guy. Seeing into the future of what the player could do or what they may not do all depending on player and team. Who to trade? Who to go after? All of these things will be happening in this section. Posted on Thursday.

I cant wait for fantasy drafts and football season to start, just as much as I am excited to help out all of your teams.


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