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Houston We Have a Problem



Houston we have a problem. Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers told The Athletic that the Astros used a camera in center field to relay a live feed into their dugout to steal signs. This makes me absolutely disgusted with all of the evidence coming out. Our


The Houston Astros Cheated

They set up a camera in center which was hooked up to a monitor in the clubhouse, and when a sign for an off-speed pitch was given, a player would bang  a trash can. The Astros were also recently called out on using the bullpen catcher in the outfield using an earpiece to signal to the batters as well. You can’t sit here and tell me, with all of the evidence that has come out in just a few days, that they are innocent. You are naive if you think so.



Sign Stealing Has Been Around Since The Beginning

Cheating has always been a part of baseball, from pine tar to spit balls, to corked bats. Sign stealing isn’t “cheating” as much as it is an advantage. This entire situation is totally unacceptable and we shouldn’t stand for it. You know it, and I know it. Don’t sit here and turn a blind eye.


Who All Is Involved

Red Sox Manager Alex Cora and Mets’ manager Carlos Beltran were central figures in this scandal. Now they are playing dumb acting like they didn’t know this happened.


The Evidence


Boston Red Sox Cheating?

We know about the Red Sox using the Apple Watches to relay info which is 100% cheating, but did they do more? Alex Cora being a central figure in the Astros Cheating Scandal, it makes you wonder if he took that over to Boston when he became the manager in 2018.  


Have The Astros Cheated Since?

You know if the Houston Astros cheated in 2017 and won the World Series, they continued it in 2018 and 2019. It’s  laughable how AJ Hinch was upset at the “cheating allegations” in the 2019 ALCS and heads need to roll for this. He is 100% complicit in this entire scheme.



What Should The Punishments Be?

-MLB should Ban the Houston Astros from the Post Season for 3 years. Banning a team from the post season for any amount of time, the fans would surely ask for a refund if they are season ticket holders.
-The MLB will for sure take away Draft Picks
-The Houston Astros will lose money in this situation with a hefty fine.
-Strip the 2017 World Series Title
-Take Jose Altuve’s MVP away 


So again I ask, are they innocent or is Houston We Have a Problem going to go forward with this team for the future?  
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