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Fantasy Football Hot or Cold Week 3






Matt Ryan – Are the Falcons getting back on track or just playing up against bad defenses? Either way doesn’t matter this week as Falcons play Saints on the most offense friendly stadium

Phillip Rivers – Again another good QB after a solid week playing a weak defense. Colts with injuries to their secondary are struggling, while the Chargers with injuries to their passing game are still putting up numbers

Joe Flacco – If by hot you mean solid, consistent, dependable for someone that is available everywhere then Flacco is your guy. Going up against Jacksonville, who has been torched by everyone


Russell Wilson – Seahawks are struggling on offense, actually struggling would probably be an improvement. Wilson dinged up, Lockette dinged up. Niners were lit up by Cam but Russell isn’t Cam right now

Tyrod Taylor – Inconsistent is the word I would use to describe Taylor so far in this short season. New Offensive Coordinator may or may not help the offense that just had a really good game however I know the Cardinals defense won’t be good for the transition

Jameis Winston – Well that was a disaster in week 2 and we called it here but now going up against another top defense. Nothing can be as bad as last week’s performance but against the Rams, don’t expect good things

Running Backs


Melvin Gordon – Maybe its more about matchups? Maybe its Gordon having a great start to the year? Gordon is on fire right now and will have another great week

Giovani Bernard – Against a top ranked rush defense, Bernard had a 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. This week they go up against another top ranked rush defense

Matt Jones – Washington’s offense isn’t clicking like it was at the end of last year but Jones still had a good game. This week I expect a lot of offense in the Redskins/Giants game so be prepared for Jones to have a top 10 fantasy running back game


Latavius Murray – With a split backfield that seems to be splitting right before our eyes, be ready for the Raiders to pass on a strong rush defense from the Titans and don’t expect too much from Murray

Jeremy Hill – The reasons we like Bernard against the Broncos is the exact same reason we don’t like Hill. Expect a decent about a carries with low yardage

Jamaal Charles/Spencer Ware/Charcandrick West – If anyone knows who will get the most carries this week for the Chiefs you may want to call Andy Reid and inform him. I don’t see any way to predict the split between the backs plus the Jets have been bad in pass defense but good in rush defense

Wide Receivers


Travis Benjamin (Start of the Week) – We called he would be hot, now we are predicting he will be dominant. Lot of points, lot of bad defenses, lot of fantasy points for Travis Benjamin

Larry Fitzgerald – The ageless one is still doing it. Fitz is a low receiver 1/high receiver 2 even if you can’t believe it. Buffalo defense is bad and the controversy can’t help much

Brandin Cooks – Cooks, as well as the Saints offense, is a different person at home than on the road. It was evident from the first week to the second. Update: Saints at home versus the Falcons


Randall Cobb – Does anyone know what has happened to this guy? In PPR he has some value but in standard it’s almost zero. Packers and Cobb just aren’t what they used to be and need to hurry up

AJ Green – He will have a fine game but that’s all you can expect. Denver without Ware could help keep Dalton alive a little bit longer but they have talented DBs and a great DL

Sammy Watkins – Hurt, bad QB play, going up against a top defense. Buffalo is just sending him on the field with one good leg and just messing with Watkins owners at the same time

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