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FanDuel NBA DFS Lineup Picks (10/18/17): Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice



Fanduel Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Picks (10/18/17): NBA DFS Advice wants to help you win a ton of cash while also allowing you to feel like you’re making it yourself. You may not agree with all of our picks, but that’s what makes a DFS player a GREAT DFS Player.

Our daily plays are from a collection of experts and a ton of research that goes into them. We have spent countless hours a day crunching the numbers from a dozen different aspects of each sport and bring you the best options each day.

If you take away from our articles the ability to build your own lineups that’s great! If you are still wanting some help definitely subscribe to our Optimal NBA and NFL DFS, or MLB Lineups for both Fanduel and DraftKings for that added boost! Good Luck and bring home that bacon.

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Daily Matchups for 10/18/2017

What we will show you here are a couple of top plays a couple mid-tier plays, and a couple value plays at each position. To see the full list per position and projected Fantasy Points, you’ll have to subscribe to check out our NBA Cheat Sheet here:

Point Guard


John Wall- 47 FP

Damian Lillard- 46 FP

Chris Paul- 40 FP

Kemba Walker- 39 FP

Kyrie Irving- 39 FP

Mike Conley- 38 FP


Dennis Schroder- 34 FP

Goran Dragic- 32 FP

Jeremy Lin- 31 FP

Elfrid Payton- 29 FP

Jeff Teague- 29 FP

Darren Collison- 28 FP

Shooting Guard


James Harden- 52 FP

Brad Beal- 36 FP

Jrue Holiday- 35 FP

Victor Oladipo- 34 FP

Devin Booker- 34 FP

D’Angelo Russell- 33 FP


Dion Waiters- 27 FP

Andrew Wiggins- 26 FP

Rodney Hood- 26 FP

Jaylen Brown- 26 FP

Lance Stephenson- 25 FP

Eric Gordon- 25 FP

Small Forward


Jimmy Butler- 40 FP

Khris Middleton- 33 FP

Trevor Ariza- 29 FP

Robert Covington- 28 FP

Otto Porter- 28 FP

Rudy Gay- 28 FP


Jeremy Lamb- 26 FP

Tobias Harris- 26 FP

Jonathon Simmons- 25 FP

Wesley Matthews- 23 FP

Josh Jackson- 23 FP

Jayson Tatum- 22 FP

Power Forward


Anthony Davis- 50 FP

Giannis Antetokounmpo- 46 FP

Ben Simmons- 37 FP

LaMarcus Aldridge- 35 FP

Paul Millsap- 33 FP

Aaron Gordon- 32 FP


Dario Saric- 30 FP

James Johnson- 29 FP

Thad Young- 28 FP

Harrison Barnes- 27 FP

Zach Randolph- 27 FP

Derrick Favors- 26 FP



DeMarcus Cousins- 52 FP

Rudy Gobert- 42 FP

Hassan Whiteside- 40 FP

Marc Gasol- 40 FP

Karl-Anthony Towns- 39 FP

Myles Turner- 38 FP


Al Horford- 35 FP

Nikola Vucevic- 33 FP

Dwight Howard- 30 FP

Marcin Gortat- 26 FP

Clint Capela- 26 FP

Joel Embiid- 24 FP

Want to see the rest PLUS projections? Click HERE:


REMEMBER: These are lineups we use, but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon.

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