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Fanduel and DraftKings Optimal Lineup Results from Tuesday 7/26/16

Fanduel and DraftKings Optimal Lineup Results from Tuesday 7/26/16

Here at, we pride ourselves on our unmatched approach to research and analysis for both GPP and cash DFS formats to create our Optimal Lineups. Because of this, we not only play these lineups ourselves, but we post our results every day, good or bad. Do the other guys do that? Negative.

We keep it simple: we’re either eating that delicious meat candy, BACON (bottom line: we’ve cashed) or…BACON

we’re slurping down the dreaded canned ham…

Canned ham

Obviously, this is a problem and it means we didn’t cash.

Either way, good or bad, we’ll let you know where it went right or wrong.

Let’s get to it:

Inconsistency has been the name of the game the last few days.  We hit nearly 100% two nights ago and crashed back to Earth last night with 1 Fanduel cash.  Expect the bacon bounce-back this evening as we roll into a juicy looking slate tonight.

Optimal Lineup Results 7/26/16

Main – Cash A

Gross.  Tillman was awful, lasted 5 short innings, gave up 6 earned and struck out only 4 for a Charmin-soft 9 FP.   Typically, we like to play safe with pitchers and cash formats and leave the risky plays to GPPs.  The algorithm indicated Tillman was in play last night and we swung and missed.

We did, however, get decent production from our hitters.  Bruce, Frazier and Carter all scored over 15 FP.  Unfortunately, Altuve, Springer, Baez and Sano combined for 3 FP.  Moving on…

Total: 71 Canned ham


Main – Cash B

BOOM!  BACON TIME!  Easily our best lineup of the night, this roster easily cashed in any 50/50 and was right on the cusp of cashing in most GPP formats.  Stroman was solid giving up 4 earned over 6.2 innings.  He struck out 7 in the ND for 29 FP.  Our offense was awesome as Posey, Ortiz, Reddick and Calhoun eached surpassed 21.4 FP.  Reddick led the way with 28.7 with a single, a homer, a run scored and 3 RBI.

Total: 152.3 BACON!!!!


Main – GPP

Tillman……Votto, Frazier and Trout accounted for 72.3 of the teams 84.3 FP’s.  You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that 3 players accounting for 85% of your production is a recipe for disaster.

Total: 84.3 Canned ham


Main 50/50 A

Total: 100.05 Canned ham

Main 50/50 B

Total: 42.05 Canned ham

Main GPP


Total: 106.85 Canned ham


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