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Fanduel and DraftKings Optimal Lineup Results from Sunday 7/24/16



Here at, we pride ourselves on our unmatched approach to research and analysis for both GPP and cash DFS formats to create our Optimal Lineups. Because of this, we not only play these lineups ourselves, but we post our results every day, good or bad. Do the other guys do that? Negative.

We keep it simple: we’re either eating that delicious meat candy, BACON (bottom line: we’ve cashed) or…BACON

we’re slurping down the dreaded canned ham…

Canned ham

Obviously, this is a problem and it means we didn’t cash.

Either way, good or bad, we’ll let you know where it went right or wrong.

Let’s get to it:

Rough day yesterday.  The algorithm produced scores that, typically, would cash.  However, the scores were inordinately high across the board which caused us some issues.  No matter, we expect a big bounce back night tonight.  Let’s get that bacon sizzling!!

Optimal Lineup Results 7/24/16

All Day – Cash A

Total: 121.2 Canned ham


All Day – Cash B

Total: 132.6 Canned ham


All Day – GPP

Total: 154.9 Canned ham


All day 50/50 A

Total: 73.90 Canned ham

All Day GPP

Total: 82.00 Canned ham

Main 50/50

Total: 81.20 Canned ham

Main GPP

Total: 77.00 Canned ham

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