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FanDuel and DraftKings NHL DFS 1-16-20

FanDuel and DraftKings NHL DFS 1-16-20

NHL DFS 1-16-20 & Lineups & Picks.

We have a nice 13 game NHL DFS slate to work with tonight. We will try to break down which players are best at each position and help you bring home the bacon.
NHL DFS 1-5-20

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What we will show you here are a couple of top plays a couple mid-tier plays, and a couple value plays at each position. To see the full list per position and projected Fantasy Points, you’ll have to subscribe to check out our NHL Cheat Sheet here:

NHL DFS 1-16-20





PlayerPOSTMOPPGoalsAssistsShotsBlocksTOIDK FPFD FP     
Auston MatthewsCTORCGY0.3733330.6746673.0060.6973331157.8913.019516.0763
Nathan MacKinnonCCOLSJ0.3293330.5243.037330.6761163.6711.824814.3207
Tyler SeguinCDALBUF0.3426670.5266672.836670.5393331150.4411.298113.9809
Nazem KadriCCOLSJ0.2993330.4653332.7560.5613331047.210.435412.8704
Mika ZibanejadCNYRNYI0.2693330.4282.7720.6293331150.7610.128812.2801
Sean MonahanCCGYTOR0.2733330.5446672.184670.7793331143.039.954812.6287
Sidney CrosbyCPITBOS0.2566670.5146672.274670.5386671141.559.4019311.925
Kevin HayesCPHIMON0.2493330.3926672.560670.5913331145.389.2917311.3429
William KarlssonCVEGOTT0.2820.4946672.053330.5926671096.039.242811.7806



PlayerPOSTMOPPGoalsAssistsShotsBlocksTOIDK FPFD FP     
Alex OvechkinWWASNJ0.4526670.7163.049330.4921147.3813.781917.1501
Evander KaneWSJCOL0.2906670.3873333.7780.6241153.3812.118213.8002
Brad MarchandWBOSPIT0.350.6613332.6440.7041147.5612.038215.1445
Jason ZuckerWMINTB0.3006670.4622.922670.8453331134.9111.253313.5351
David PastrnakWBOSPIT0.350.6213332.426670.6446671132.6411.250414.3751
Chris KreiderWNYRNYI0.2893330.4743.039330.6581146.9811.130413.3734
Mike HoffmanWFLALA0.3420.4646672.6520.5893331034.110.707113.2821
Jonathan MarchessaultWVEGOTT0.3393330.4406672.6620.6533331096.4310.573313.1069
Patric HornqvistWPITBOS0.3040.4113332.8080.6586671027.6110.453612.7203




PlayerPOSTMOPPGoalsAssistsShotsBlocksTOIDK FPFD FP     
Victor HedmanDTBMIN0.380.3973332.824670.7453331419.3211.219913.6407
Dougie HamiltonDCARCBJ0.3153330.3453332.999330.7866671430.8310.747312.7806
Brent BurnsDSJCOL0.2426670.2243.6180.7386671440.5910.730611.783
Tyson BarrieDTORCGY0.3173330.3226672.790670.5666671270.119.96211.9811
Roman JosiDNASANA0.2840.2286673.0180.7173331429.699.816211.3382
Jacob TroubaDNYRNYI0.2693330.1606673.275330.7053331435.49.8132710.9761
Torey KrugDBOSPIT0.2573330.2893332.390.7253331323.818.7219310.5809
Zach WerenskiDCBJCAR0.2233330.2662.6120.7361423.448.7151310.2975
Ivan ProvorovDPHIMON0.2093330.2922.420.8886671417.878.6099310.2802



PlayerPOSTMOPPGoalsAssistsShotsBlocksGASavesWinsShut OutsDK FPFD FP 
Pavel FrancouzGCOLSJ000002.39230.05270.6320.07417.571522.6501
James ReimerGCARCBJ000002.27829.7680.6013330.089333317.518622.6331
Ben BishopGDALBUF000002.1286728.7960.6293330.10933317.515522.9488
Chris DriedgerGFLALA000002.8626729.59730.5453330.06614.950819.2992
Pekka RinneGNASANA000002.10625.5080.5920.10533314.809319.9291
Jaroslav HalakGBOSPIT000002.8333329.2120.5420.0714.735719.1003
Cam TalbotGCGYTOR000003.6233333.11130.410.02214.383617.0917
Brian ElliottGPHIMON000002.70627.4460.5353330.06213.681918.0528
Ilya SamsonovGWASNJ000002.69625.12670.5673330.075333312.15216.728

I thought I’d try a new way to present our projections to everyone. Now these are directly from our NHL DFS Cheatsheets and it was a huge hit in our NFL DFS articles so I wanted to see if you liked it this way as well. Hopefully this helps you out in building your lineups!


Projections? Click HERE:
REMEMBER: These are lineups we use, but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon. Referral Link:    use PROMO CODE: fantasyteamadvisors
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