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FanDuel and DraftKings NBA DFS 1-24-20



NBA DFS 1-24-20 & Lineups & Picks.

Friday brings us a nice 10 game slate to sink our teeth into. We will try to break down which players are best at each position and help you bring home the bacon.

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What we will show you here are a couple of top plays a couple mid-tier plays, and a couple value plays at each position. To see the full list per position and projected Fantasy Points, you’ll have to subscribe to check out our NBA Cheat Sheet here:

NBA DFS 1-24-20




3:00 PM EST : Milwaukee ( -13 ) at Charlotte ( 13 ) O/U: 219

7:00 PM EST : Boston ( 1 ) at Orlando ( -1 ) O/U: 212.5

7:00 PM EST : Memphis ( 2 ) at Detroit ( -2 ) O/U: 227.5

7:30 PM EST : Toronto ( -7.5 ) at New York ( 7.5 ) O/U: 215.5

8:00 PM EST : Denver ( 3.5 ) at New Orleans ( -3.5 ) O/U: 231

8:00 PM EST : Houston ( -5 ) at Minnesota ( 5 ) O/U: 233.5

8:00 PM EST : Sacramento ( 2 ) at Chicago ( -2 ) O/U: 220

8:00 PM EST : LA Clippers ( -2 ) at Miami ( 2 ) O/U: 222

8:00 PM EST : Atlanta ( 10 ) at Oklahoma City ( -10 )  O/U: 225

8:30 PM EST : Phoenix ( 4 ) at San Antonio ( -4 ) O/U: 229

10:30 PM EST : Indiana ( -5 ) at Golden St ( 5 ) O/U: 216





PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsRebAssistsUsageDK FPFD FP  
Russell WestbrookPGHOUMIN38.226.910.68.330.5156.553.4
Trae YoungPGATLOKC35.9295.48.832.0850.547.4
D'Angelo RussellPGGSWIND34.424.34.3731.8842.940.6
Chris PaulPGOKCATL31.4175.26.621.2637.337
Ricky RubioPGPHXSAS35.414.14.59.520.3436.836.3
Derrick RosePGDETMEM28.820.32.86.930.543635.2
Markelle FultzPGORLBOS31.612.94.45.721.142928.8
Elfrid PaytonPGNYKTOR30.
Shabazz NapierPGMINHOU29.





PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsRebAssistsUsageDK FPFD FP  
James HardenSGHOUMIN38.335.
Zach LaVineSGCHISAC35.7295.64.731.8446.645
Devin BookerSGPHXSAS38.
Lou WilliamsSGLACMIA30.519.92.96.329.2234.232.5
Buddy HieldSGSACCHI34.718.
Jaylen BrownSGBOSORL33.918.
Bogdan BogdanovicSGSACCHI27.413.23.53.622.4925.424.2
Norman PowellSGTORNYK27.913.74.31.719.5224.624
Alec BurksSGGSWIND26.



PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsRebAssistsUsageDK FPFD FP  
Kawhi LeonardSFLACMIA35.6318533.6153.152.5
Jimmy ButlerSFMIALAC33.819.
Brandon IngramSFNOPDEN34.623.
Danilo GallinariSFOKCATL3220.86.52.723.2935.834.4
Kelly OubreSFPHXSAS38.1206.51.621.5235.435.7
Gordon HaywardSFBOSORL33.515.56.63.819.693231.4
Zion WilliamsonSFNOPDEN22.
Harrison BarnesSFSACCHI34.7145.22.117.2725.624.8
Brandon ClarkeSFMEMDET23.311.85.51.617.7224.425.2





PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsRebAssistsUsageDK FPFD FP  
Domantas SabonisPFINDGSW34.72015.15.324.2949.647
Julius RandlePFNYKTOR33.520.810.53.828.5942.439.3
John CollinsPFATLOKC32.518.7101.222.4539.338.3
Aaron GordonPFORLBOS34.5147.93.420.7931.130.2
Montrezl HarrellPFLACMIA27.417.56.51.725.6830.831.3
Marcus MorrisPFNYKTOR34.917.361.623.6830.429.2
Daniel TheisPFBOSORL27.698.21.814.2726.127
Serge IbakaPFTORNYK24.312.67.7122.9325.925.6
Thad YoungPFCHISAC25.19.851.719.7421.121.1




PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsRebAssistsUsageDK FPFD FP  
Karl-Anthony TownsCMINHOU33.726.111.74.728.0653.550.6
Nikola JokicCDENNOP34.322.111.87.827.9352.850.3
Andre DrummondCDETMEM33.818.916.23.424.4151.751.4
Nikola VucevicCORLBOS32.719.110.9426.1343.842.1
LaMarcus AldridgeCSASPHX33.719.88.62.323.438.940.1
Clint CapelaCHOUMIN32.512.913.61.214.9637.737.3
Myles TurnerCINDGSW27.
Dewayne DedmonCSACCHI27.8980.817.8824.124.2
Nerlens NoelCOKCATL20.

I thought I’d try a new way to present our projections to everyone. Now these are directly from our NBA DFS Cheatsheets and it was a huge hit in our NFL DFS articles so I wanted to see if you liked it this way as well. Hopefully this helps you out in building your lineups!


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REMEMBER: These are lineups we use, but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon. Referral Link:    use PROMO CODE: fantasyteamadvisors
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