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FanDuel and DraftKings NBA DFS 1-14-20

FanDuel and DraftKings NBA DFS 1-14-20

NBA DFS 1-14-20 & Lineups & Picks.

Tuesday brings us a nice 6 game slate that starts 30 minutes later than normal.  We will try to break down which players are best at each position and help you bring home the bacon.

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What we will show you here are a couple of top plays a couple mid-tier plays, and a couple value plays at each position. To see the full list per position and projected Fantasy Points, you’ll have to subscribe to check out our NBA Cheat Sheet here:

NBA DFS 1-14-20



7:30 PM EST : Phoenix ( -3 ) at Atlanta ( 3 ) O/U: 224 7:30 PM EST : Utah ( -1 ) at Brooklyn ( 1 ) O/U: 216.5 8:00 PM EST : Houston ( -4.5 ) at Memphis ( 4.5 ) O/U: 238 8:00 PM EST : New York ( 16.5 ) at Milwaukee ( -16.5 ) O/U: 227 10:30 PM EST : Dallas ( -9 ) at Golden State ( 9 ) O/U: 223 10:30 PM EST : Cleveland ( 14 ) at LA Clippers ( -14 ) O/U: 223





PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsAssistsStealsBlocksDK FPFD FP    
James HardenPGHOUMEM37.401239.44057.8631.87550.97965.759562.2612
Luka DoncicPGDALGS35.956829.869710.26171.215330.22666762.236256.942
Trae YoungPGATLPHO37.563130.41310.26971.076330.13566755.016850.7383
Ja MorantPGMEMHOU31.976418.50659.27051.10050.286539.341437.2895
Ricky RubioPGPHOATL33.812913.157711.30671.418670.24439.300237.8235
Kyrie IrvingPGBKNUTA27.489620.23636.026670.9886670.54637.301836.4179
Elfrid PaytonPGNYMIL30.016711.28736.863671.230.35633330.006929.3838
Collin SextonPGCLELAC35.665820.19772.5770.9810.13329.927528.9141
Darius GarlandPGCLELAC32.860415.45234.861671.035330.0033333327.028825.3538


PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsAssistsStealsBlocksDK FPFD FP    
Khris MiddletonSGMILNY31.617321.59274.7730.9190.23633338.599536.9648
Joe InglesSGUTABKN31.475413.17236.599330.9660.20633330.973229.4439
Cam ReddishSGATLPHO35.677711.92172.413331.407670.99626.787826.8266
Joe HarrisSGBKNUTA33.631414.11372.696670.6026670.33125.753724.5422
Glenn Robinson IIISGGSDAL32.979313.18331.7180.8910.24633324.339523.9275
Eric GordonSGHOUMEM29.402715.83051.52450.5660.334522.956121.379
Ben McLemoreSGHOUMEM29.263313.16751.35550.9110.396522.82921.8333
Mikal BridgesSGPHOATL28.57118.679331.9351.486670.55221.188822.0544
Reggie BullockSGNYMIL27.142811.3461.529670.6456670.1718.924718.132



PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsAssistsStealsBlocksDK FPFD FP    
Giannis AntetokounmpoSFMILNY32.343328.54837.461.074331.6093361.006358.6934
Kawhi LeonardSFLACCLE33.768429.07675.536671.944330.64166750.807850.1204
Kelly Oubre Jr.SFPHOATL36.289220.35471.737671.7130.99833338.340938.4065
Jae CrowderSFMEMHOU30.342311.0493.18350.96850.455527.219726.6796
De'Andre HunterSFATLPHO37.274414.62772.6360.9386670.34866727.005625.7707
Taurean PrinceSFBKNUTA30.813412.14332.292670.940.52833326.160925.1993
Royce O'NealeSFUTABKN32.48456.7342.740670.9993330.37720.754320.7377
Danuel House Jr.SFHOUMEM29.079410.66751.24050.77550.55620.55320.0618
Eric PaschallSFGSDAL22.031910.91571.8390.3560.27819.90519.3168



PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsAssistsStealsBlocksDK FPFD FP    
John CollinsPFATLPHO37.306721.57232.229670.6466671.7116744.107342.9156
Deandre AytonPFPHOATL31.566818.2491.739670.8456671.2473338.498838.0804
Julius RandlePFNYMIL31.808619.79873.211670.7420.40537.768935.4668
Montrezl HarrellPFLACCLE28.845421.46432.042670.6976671.536.818537.2818
Jaren Jackson Jr.PFMEMHOU29.637618.56351.7210.72051.43932.689832.2585
Omari SpellmanPFGSDAL27.372211.70732.008330.9663330.90266727.581527.3357
P.J. TuckerPFHOUMEM36.46487.40551.65751.57450.638525.0125.2722
Brandon ClarkePFMEMHOU21.804811.831.85850.40250.81524.393724.4219
Maxi KleberPFDALGS27.20329.866671.306330.4791.06923.08422.7802



PlayerPOSTMOPPMinsPointsAssistsStealsBlocksDK FPFD FP    
Clint CapelaCHOUMEM36.938816.60651.4680.99651.76943.660643.2023
Rudy GobertCUTABKN35.129716.15931.993330.7433332.0826743.166442.8814
Jonas ValanciunasCMEMHOU27.811316.00352.3870.42151.27136.392934.9985
Jarrett AllenCBKNUTA28.442510.2781.498330.6983331.7446729.53730.3287
Brook LopezCMILNY27.686811.27231.4950.8113333.2453327.560730.1259
Dwight PowellCDALGS30.098911.3851.819330.9920.82726.775927.0952
Ivica ZubacCLACCLE19.44318.922331.300330.2573331.3376722.728223.1154
Aron BaynesCPHOATL21.098310.31571.490670.2873330.74133321.862621.5287
Willie Cauley-SteinCGSDAL20.18637.2571.207670.7973330.80566718.868719.714

I thought I’d try a new way to present our projections to everyone. Now these are directly from our NBA DFS Cheatsheets and it was a huge hit in our NFL DFS articles so I wanted to see if you liked it this way as well. Hopefully this helps you out in building your lineups!


Projections? Click HERE:
REMEMBER: These are lineups we use, but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon. Referral Link:    use PROMO CODE: fantasyteamadvisors
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