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FanDuel and DraftKings NBA DFS 1-11-20

FanDuel and DraftKings NBA DFS 1-11-20

NBA DFS 1-11-20 & Lineups & Picks.

Saturday brings us a nice 7 game slate with 6 of the games on the main slate. We will try to break down which players are best at each position and help you bring home the bacon.

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What we will show you here are a couple of top plays a couple mid-tier plays, and a couple value plays at each position. To see the full list per position and projected Fantasy Points, you’ll have to subscribe to check out our NBA Cheat Sheet here:

NBA DFS 1-11-20



Vegas match-ups and over/unders will be coming soon once all of them are posted. We are waiting on a couple of games to come through.





PlayerPosTeamOppDvPFloorCeilingFPPGFPPMUSGFGAMPGProj MinsFPValue
Luka DoncicPGDALvs PHI33485.653.81.6437.820.332.933.7556.135
Russell WestbrookPGHOUvs MIN2429.166.645.41.2933.221.335.23545.155.2
Damian LillardPGPORvs MIL1130.962.344.61.2228.818.936.636.544.365.2
Kemba WalkerPGBOSvs NOP2319.161.636.41.14281731.932.7537.315.3
Chris PaulPGOKCvs LAL621.353.435.71.1221.912.231.831.535.074.6
Jamal MurrayPGDENvs CLE1016.258.632.61.0124.515.132.233.7534.365
Kris DunnPGCHIat DEN1911.745.322.20.9115.66.924.42926.114.7
Jeff TeaguePGMINat HOU218.644.527.60.9720.19.828.524.7523.954.4
Darius GarlandPGCLEat DEN1711.539.118.90.6420.81129.43523.314.9





PlayerPosTeamOppDvPFloorCeilingFPPGFPPMUSGFGAMPGProj MinsFPValue
James HardenSGHOUvs MIN213682.859.71.637.824.437.33556.014.8
Zach LaVineSGCHIat DEN1922.862.638.11.123119.133.935.539.824.6
Jrue HolidaySGNOPat BOS521.255.739.51.1125.917.935.632.2535.994.6
C.J. McCollumSGPORvs MIL418.757.7350.9725.519.236.236.535.435.5
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderSGOKCvs LAL61854.533.20.9424.715.735.335.533.675.4
Andrew WigginsSGMINat HOU2919.651.938.31.092920.235.230.7533.444.7
Marcus SmartSGBOSvs NOP1810.546.5270.8617.810.831.43025.945.1
Bruce Brown Jr.SGDETvs CHI167.849.223.60.8616.37.727.429.525.534.8
Gary HarrisSGDENvs CLE1010.838.521.40.6515.19.833.133.7522.665.5



PlayerPosTeamOppDvPFloorCeilingFPPGFPPMUSGFGAMPGProj MinsFPValue
Giannis AntetokounmpoSFMILat POR2336.776.956.91.8437.319.930.929.7553.934.8
LeBron JamesSFLALat OKC1032.768.452.81.513219.934.93247.974.4
Brandon IngramSFNOPat BOS123.65742.11.2228.818.634.43137.913.9
Tobias HarrisSFPHIat DAL1619.853.734.41.0123.615.73433.534.335.3
Will BartonSFDENvs CLE2517.552.732.10.9719.412.633.133.2532.624.9
Gordon HaywardSFBOSvs NOP261553.331.40.9820.812.931.931.7531.395.2
Cedi OsmanSFCLEat DEN412.840.919.90.6816.29.129.335.524.835.6
Tim Hardaway Jr.SFDALvs PHI87.943.820.90.8121.911.425.728.2523.275.7
Dorian Finney-SmithSFDALvs PHI1912.736.220.20.6912.




PlayerPosTeamOppDvPFloorCeilingFPPGFPPMUSGFGAMPGProj MinsFPValue
Anthony Davis (Q)PFLALat OKC929.970.253.21.523018.735.131.547.194.4
Jayson TatumPFBOSvs NOP2623.558.537.71.127.61834.234.7538.525.6
Kevin LovePFCLEat DEN272060.633.61.0922.812.130.934.537.425.2
Al HorfordPFPHIat DAL71748.430.6117.711.230.730.2530.454.8
Lauri MarkkanenPFCHIat DEN2414.747.8280.9221.612.230.331.2528.875.1
Thaddeus YoungPFCHIat DEN2414.342.4200.920.9922.329.526.344.5
Daniel TheisPFBOSvs NOP229.938.322114.55.921.922.522.075
Maxi KleberPFDALvs PHI68.735.519.40.7914.26.624.52520.184.3
Kyle KuzmaPFLALat OKC104.736.918.90.823.610.723.722.7518.524.5




PlayerPosTeamOppDvPFloorCeilingFPPGFPPMUSGFGAMPGProj MinsFPValue
Andre DrummondCDETvs CHI282873.749.11.4424.913.834.233.547.594.3
Hassan WhitesideCPORvs MIL327.870.342.41.4220.610.929.93345.994.9
Nikola JokicCDENvs CLE2626.768.642.51.3726.114.731.132.7544.664.7
Clint CapelaCHOUvs MIN2022.465.440.31.215.810.233.53440.835.1
Karl-Anthony Towns (Q)CMINat HOU822.365.251.11.5128.217.533.92740.713.9
Steven AdamsCOKCvs LAL519.
Gorgui DiengCMINat HOU84.252.721.71.2117.76.21820.7525.024.2
Dwight PowellCDALvs PHI69.941.821.40.8112.25.526.528.7523.64.5
Dwight HowardCLALat OKC109.440.120.91.0814.13.919.321.2522.534

I thought I’d try a new way to present our projections to everyone. Now these are directly from our NBA DFS Cheatsheets and it was a huge hit in our NFL DFS articles so I wanted to see if you liked it this way as well. Hopefully this helps you out in building your lineups!


Projections? Click HERE:
REMEMBER: These are lineups we use, but feel free to pick and choose plays and make your own lineups. Don’t ALWAYS follow these as they don’t hit 100% of the time. We do use these but sometimes late scratches happen and it’s too late to update the lineup. Good luck and bring home the bacon. Referral Link:    use PROMO CODE: fantasyteamadvisors
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