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Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/21/17): MLB DFS Advice for FanDuel and DraftKings

Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/21/17): MLB DFS Advice for FanDuel and DraftKings

We’ve made it to another mlb dfs Friday and boy is it a pitching slate full of studs. We’ve got Scherzer, Sale, Darvish, Wood going tonight. We have a ton of work to do to differentiate from the pack so let’s get started shall we?


In this article, I will be providing you with my daily fantasy baseball lineup picks for FanDuel and DraftKings on 7/21/2017. The DFS lineup picks will range from some of the elite players to mid-priced options, and of course, value plays.

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Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/21/17): MLB DFS Advice

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (7/21/17): MLB DFS Advice

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Pitchers

Jake Arrieta

Career vs Current Cardinals Roster

AVG: 0.180 [24 for 133], BABIP: 0.261, K%: 28.1, BB%: 8.2
FIP: 1.93 Strikeout: 41 Groundout: 38 Single: 22Flyout: 14 Walk: 12 Lineout: 7 Pop Out: 3Grounded Into DP: 3 Field Error: 2 Double: 2 Hit By Pitch: 1 Forceout: 1

Yu Darvish

Career vs Current Rays Roster

AVG: 0.171 [7 for 41], BABIP: 0.250, K%: 28.9, BB%: 8.9
FIP: 1.94 Strikeout: 13 Groundout: 8 Pop Out: 5Flyout: 4 Walk: 4 Single: 4 Lineout: 3 Double: 3Grounded Into DP: 1

Max Scherzer

Career vs Current D-backs Roster

AVG: 0.261 [31 for 119], BABIP: 0.361, K%: 34.4, BB%: 6.9
FIP: 3.27 Strikeout: 43 Single: 19 Groundout: 18Flyout: 9 Walk: 8 Lineout: 7 Pop Out: 6 Double: 6Home Run: 5 Sac Fly: 2 Strikeout – DP: 2 Field Error: 1 Forceout: 1 Triple: 1 Sac Bunt: 1Grounded Into DP: 1 Intent Walk: 1

Chris Sale

Career vs Current Angels Roster

AVG: 0.192 [19 for 99], BABIP: 0.222, K%: 23.4, BB%: 3.7
FIP: 3.24 Strikeout: 25 Groundout: 24 Flyout: 13Single: 13 Lineout: 7 Pop Out: 6 Walk: 4 Double:Hit By Pitch: 3 Home Run: 3 Field Error: 2 Sac Fly: 1 Bunt Groundout: 1 Forceout: 1 Grounded Into DP: 1

Alex Wood

Career vs Current Braves Roster

AVG: 0.381 [16 for 42], BABIP: 0.405, K%: 14.9, BB%: 2.1
FIP: 3.44 Single: 13 Groundout: 10 Strikeout: 7Flyout: 5 Double: 2 Forceout: 2 Sac Fly: 2 Sac Fly DP: 1 Lineout: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1 Pop Out: 1Walk: 1 Home Run: 1

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Infielders

Ian Kinsler

Brian McCann

Victor Martinez

Joe Mauer

Kolten Wong

Anthony Rizzo

Miguel Cabrera

Brandon Belt

Brian Dozier

Buster Posey

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Outfielders

Carlos Beltran

Josh Reddick

Jason Heyward

Nelson Cruz

Gregor Blanco

Denard Span

Mike Trout

Matt Kemp

Melky Cabrera

Ben Zobrist


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