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Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (6/29/17): MLB DFS Advice for FanDuel and DraftKings



So here we are Thursday, we meet again. One day closer to Friday. What does Thursday bring for DFS? It brings a 5 game early slate and 8 games in the main slate. Lot’s of pitching options but we are here to narrow it down for you guys! As I’m writing this article, we have a tornado touching down around me but I’m here writing you guys an article to bring home that bacon!


In this article, I will be providing you with my daily fantasy baseball lineup picks for FanDuel and DraftKings on 6/29/2017. The DFS lineup picks will range from some of the elite players to mid-priced options, and of course, value plays.


If you have an questions or need to see late-minute changes, follow me on Twitter at @FantasyAdvice22. Let’s bring home the bacon!

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Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (6/29/17): MLB DFS Advice

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (6/29/17): MLB DFS Advice

Daily Fantasy MLB 6/28/17

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw

Career vs Current Angels Roster

AVG: 0.202 [33 for 163], BABIP: 0.281, K%: 26.6, BB%: 12.2
FIP: 2.78 Strikeout: 50 Groundout: 34Single: 26 Walk: 22 Flyout: 14 Lineout:10 Pop Out: 9 Double: 5 Forceout: 5Grounded Into DP: 4 Field Error: 2Sac Bunt: 2 Home Run: 1 Bunt Groundout: 1 Triple: 1 Fielders Choice Out: 1 Intent Walk: 1

Michael Fulmer

Career vs Current Royals Roster

AVG: 0.204 [11 for 54], BABIP: 0.220, K%: 22.8, BB%: 1.8
FIP: 3.41 Groundout: 15 Strikeout: 13Single: 9 Flyout: 7 Pop Out: 4 Lineout:Sac Bunt: 2 Home Run: 2 Grounded Into DP: 1 Walk: 1

Jon Lester

Career vs Current Nationals Roster

AVG: 0.193 [27 for 140], BABIP: 0.269, K%: 30.0, BB%: 6.0
FIP: 2.21 Strikeout: 45 Groundout: 32Single: 19 Flyout: 18 Pop Out: 8 Walk:Double: 5 Lineout: 5 Grounded Into DP: 3 Home Run: 2 Forceout: 2 Intent Walk: 1 Hit By Pitch: 1 Triple: 1

Chris Archer

Career vs Current Pirates Roster

AVG: 0.214 [6 for 28], BABIP: 0.250, K%: 25.8, BB%: 6.5
FIP: 3.62 Strikeout: 8 Flyout: 6Groundout: 6 Single: 5 Walk: 2 Home Run: 1 Forceout: 1 Lineout: 1 Sac Bunt: 1

Jaime Garcia

Career vs Current Padres Roster

AVG: 0.261 [6 for 23], BABIP: 0.333, K%: 30.8, BB%: 7.7
FIP: 3.78 Strikeout: 8 Single: 4Lineout: 4 Groundout: 3 Walk: 2 Field Error: 1 Sac Fly: 1 Double: 1 Home Run: 1 Flyout: 1


 Daily Fantasy MLB 6/28/17

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Infielders

Matt Wieters- C vs Jon Lester

If you’re not paying up for Lester, Wieters is an intriguing option for a cheap prices at pitching tonight. He’s also had success against him in the past with 16 hits in 47 ABs (.340 BA) with 12 singles, 3 double, and even a triple. Watch out though as he does have 13 Ks so he might be only a GPP play.

Albert Pujols- 1B vs Clayton Kershaw

Now you might be calling me crazy but Fanduel prices all the bats down when Kershaw is pitching. Pujols is only $2,200 on FD and has dominated Kershaw in the past. Kershaw has given up a ton of home runs this season which isn’t like him and this is a guy who has had lots of success. In all of their matchups, Pujols has 12 hits in 31 ABs (.387 BA) with 8 singes and 4 doubles. Super cheap, super exciting play here.

Kendrys Morales- 1B vs Ubaldo Jimenez

Jimenez is terrible, Morales is on an offensive power team and playing in a great ball park. Lifetime he’s 7 for 21 (.333 BA) with 3 singles and 2 doubles along with 2 HRs. This feels like another HR night out of Morales.

FanDuel & DraftKings DFS Outfielders

Jacoby Ellsbury- OF vs James Shields

James Shields is cooked, he’s done. He’s just trotting out there at this point to collect a paycheck. I have no clue how he is still on a team but a Yankees’ stack seems plausible against a BP pitching. He doesn’t have outstanding numbers against him and he’s just coming off the DL but Ellsbury has 14 hits in 66 ABs (.212 BA) with 10 singles, 2 doubles and 2 HRs.

Adam Jones- OF vs J.A. Happ

I like this matchup because while Happ has been serviceable, he’s still coming in with a losing record, a 3.83 ERA with only 39 Ks in 44.2 IP. Jones has 9 hits in 37 ABs (.243 BA) with 6 singles, a double, and 2 HRs. He’s a cheap option tonight to pay up for pitching.

Ryan Braun- OF vs Homer Bailey

Which Braun will we get? Will he play or will he sit? Can I continue this rhyme? Me thinks he may homer this time. But in all seriousness, Braun is in a terrific matchup and let’s not forget that his lone start this season he had -13 Fanduel FP. He has an 0-1 record, 43.20 ERA, only 2 Ks, a .540 whip and only lasted 1.2 innings. Don’t expect much better in Great American Small Park tonight.



Blue Jays vs Ubaldo Jimenez

Brewers vs Homer Bailey

Yankees vs James Shields


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