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Carson Wentz Makes NFL Rookie History



Carson Wentz went and made NFL history when he started and won his first two games of the season with no turnovers. Even NFL betting lines analysts couldn’t have predicted that he would become the first rookie quarterback to achieve this feat. 
The Eagles’ QB helped his team defeat the bears (29-14) on Monday, with Wentz completing 21 of 34 passes for 190 yards. He also delivered a touchdown, and he didn’t throw any interceptions. 
Wentz has openly boasted about his ability to control the ball, protect it and make smart decisions. The Bears didn’t exactly put up the best fight, faltering in the second half with three turnovers that included a fumble and interception by Jay Cutler. 
Doug Pederson, the Eagles’ Coach, didn’t heap as much praise on Wentz as some analysts, simply appreciating his ability to care for the ball and make some nice throws. In fact, he refuted suggestions that Wentz’s performance was anywhere near perfect. 
If there is one thing that caught Doug’s eye, it is the level of maturity that Wentz showed, displaying the mindset and abilities of a ten-year veteran of the sport. 
Wide receiver Jordan Mathews wasn’t as modest with his praise. The idea that Wentz hadn’t thrown an interception in his first two NFL games boggled Mathews’ mind, who was already impressed by Wentz’ poise on the field.
Not many rookies can boast of such an accomplishment. Mathews believes that Wentz succeeded because he didn’t allow the game to get too big for him. Rather than putting too much importance to it, Wentz chose to treat the Monday Night game no differently from Thursday Morning Practice and that explains why he was able to contain himself on such a grand stage. 
The Eagles, to their credit, did not hold Wentz back; instead, they showed all the confidence in him, Wentz throwing passes on the first 6 plays as his team moved from their 46-yardline to their opponent’s 19-yardline. 
Wentz enjoyed himself on the field especially as he saw his team execute strategies he had seen discussed during practice. It is strange that Wentz could remain so calm during his first two games.
The player admitted during an ESPN interview that the national television audience and prime-time kickoff didn’t overwhelm him. If anything, it added to his excitement, though he didn’t diminish the importance of the responsibilities he was carrying.
Chicago Coach John Fox weighed in on the Wentz conversation, admitting that the player had a bright future ahead of him. The Eagles are taking a chance by giving him so much responsibility, and that confidence in his abilities could pay off. 
Wentz hasn’t been back to Chicago since the NFL Draft in April when the Eagles chose him as their Number 2 overall pick. Wentz speaks fondly of that day, not only of the opportunity granted him to shake Roger Goodell’s hand but the thoughts that went through his head when he realized that his life had changed. 
Wentz, to his credit, has refused to let the success get to his head. Each time he has been questioned about his victories, he has chosen to emphasize the abilities of his team and the role they played in enabling his plays. That level of modesty will enable Wentz to grow as a leader. 


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