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BREAKING NEWS: New York Yankees lock up OF Aaron Hicks for 7 years



The New York Yankees have reportedly locked up pending Free Agent Outfielder Aaron Hicks for 7 years and $70m.

In what has become a fiasco the last 2 offseasons, players have seen the free agent market take forever to shape up. It took 3 months for Manny Machado to finally take a historic contract with the Padres for 10 years $300m, and Bryce Harper has yet to sign. Players are seeing the writing on the wall and the possible lockout so they are signing extensions. This is both good for them and the fans.


Here’s the breakdown of the contract:

2019 – $6M/$2M Signing Bonus

2020 – $10.5M

2021 – $10.5M

2022 – $10.5M

2023 – $10.5M

2024 – $9.5M

2025 – $9.5M

2026 – $12.5M option/$1M


While Hicks has been injury-prone, he’s coming off a career-year last year and is still only 29 years old. Even if he becomes a 4th outfielder, this is a hell of steal for the Yankees. Rumors are swirling that they are talking an extension with relief pitcher Dellin Betances. Here are the other players they should extend ASAP.


Didi Gregorius

Aaron Judge

Gary Sanchez

Gleyber Torres

Now obviously with Didi he’s a FA after this season and coming off of TJ surgery, but he’s a great clubhouse presence and when healthy, is a Top 5 SS in the game today. With the other 3, they are on rookie contracts for a bit longer so they can wait, but these 4 should be next!


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