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2021 PGA Golfer Stats

Our PGA DFS Lineups will be used with the 2021 PGA Golfer Stats and posted around 30-45 minutes before lock to account for any late-breaking news. Please mix and match with your research and our cheatsheet to create the best PGA DFS Lineups!

With how crazy last year was we had to scrap our original 2021 PGA Golfer Stats that we posted as we took a crazy-long pause for Covid. This year should be better and barring any unforeseen circumstances we will have a ton of PGA DFS content to bring you and should follow this schedule.


You can find our cheat-sheet here: PGA DFS Cheat-Sheet

You can find the PGA Optimal Lineups here: PGA Lineups

You can follow us on Twitter for updated news/lineup changes if last minute: @advisors_team




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