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Fantasy Football Week 2 Hot or Cold





Drew Brees – With a huge game against the Raiders and their renovated defense, now he goes up against another renovated defense. Giants let Dak be efficient but that wont happen 2 weeks in a row

Kirk Cousins – Bad first week may have others in doubt but he is home and going against a Dallas defense that isn’t good. Prepare for a lot of Jordan Reed

Joe Flacco – If Carson Wentz can tear up a defense just think about what a game Flacco may have, and that’s with Mike Wallace who he seems to have very good chemistry with


Andrew Luck – Bad defenses are the reason for the first 3 QBs, but Luck may be going against the best. Bad OLine meet Great DLine

Tyrod Taylor – A lackluster offensive performance in week 1 going up against a defense that didn’t have it figured out. Look for the Jets to win this matchup with a Sammy Watkins that didn’t look like the dominant receiver we thought he would be

Jameis Winston – What a great performance in week 1 but Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons have different kinds of defenses. Still a decent game but borderline QB1 is all you can expect

Running Backs


CJ Anderson (Start of the Week) – Colts defense is horrible. If they can give up great fantasy numbers to 2 running backs in a week just imagine the field day CJ Anderson is going to have

Mark Ingram – Giants stuffed Elliot but with the Saints having a great passing attack don’t expect those results again

Latavius Murray – Expect a shootout in the Bay as the Raiders and Falcons score lots of points. However, Raiders pull away and Murray gets a lot of touches in the second half


Devonta Freeman – Lots of points in the Bay but which Falcon running back gets the ball? Time share is happening in Atlanta and until further notice Freeman isn’t a top 10 running back

Todd Gurley – What a bad start to a new franchise and now Gurley and friends are going against a top defense in Seattle. Seattle’s offensive problems will only make keeping the ball away from Gurley more of a factor

Thomas Rawls – The least efficient of the 2 running backs and now go up against a better defense, plus a hurt QB. Seattle’s offense continues to struggle this week and Rawls struggles continue as well

Wide Receivers


Travis Benjamin – Someone has to catch the balls that were meant for Keenan Allen. Benjamin will be the lead receiver while trying to play catch up to a good Jacksonville team

Amari Cooper – Mike Evans had a good game against the Falcons and so did a lot of other obscure receivers. Expect Cooper to have a lot of success in  a game that will score a bunch of points

Jordan Matthews – Carson Wentz has arrived and Matthews is better for it. Going against a bad Bears team and being heavily targeted will make Matthews a great WR2


Dez Bryant – What a bad first outing for Dak and Dez. With a more ball controlled offense and running the ball and tight end or short passes, Dez better make the most of his few targets and don’t think Washington isn’t going to learn and have Norman on Dez

TY Hilton – Luck spread the ball around in week 1 and that was fine when the Colts were scoring a bunch of points. They won’t have the same success against Denver

Demaryius Thomas – Trevor Siemen had a decent game and Thomas had almost no fantasy effect, now they can run the ball all game long. Different team, same story Thomas struggles again to score points

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